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No person makes a perfect leader. There are always ways to improve.

Although the responsibilities of those in leadership vary, there are a number of leadership qualities that are common to all of them. In this series of six articles, we shall look at the leadership qualities that are needed in a Chief Executive Officer, Board Chair and Board Member, Senior Manager and Pastor.

Leadership qualities, or competencies, are aspects of a person that make him or her successful at what he/she does. They are a complex combination of underlying characteristics, being influenced by that person’s values and beliefs, motives, attitudes, personality traits, self-image and attitudes as well as skills and knowledge.

We can determine a person’s competencies by observing their behavior. The more effectively and consistently they display the behaviors associated with the respective competencies, the better their leadership performance. A person’s competencies therefore, are a window through which we can glimpse the person’s capability.

We shall look at these six leadership qualities/competencies:

  • Accountability – acknowledges the need to evaluate work relationships and performance, willingly giving and receiving feedback.
  • Commitment – the attachment a person has when the beliefs and values, vision and mission of a person or organization are aligned with his/her own.
  • Communication  – Gives and receives information with attentiveness, clarity, understanding and perception.
  • Integrity – trustworthy and conscientious and can be relied on to act and speak with consistency and honesty.
  • Self-esteem – respects and likes self, confident in own self-worth and capabilities.
  • Self- awareness – accurately assesses personal strengths and weaknesses and manages them effectively.

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