Today is a Red-Letter Day!

Today for the first time, you can order my three books on governance as eBooks!

This is very significant for several reasons:

First, the cost of each of the eBooks is less than the cost of shipping to any international address. There is no shipping cost!

Second, the time of shipping books to places where shipping takes forever is accelerated to the speed of light.

Third, this makes much more possible my desire to be the governance guru to the world.  My work in Africa over the years has made me realise that boards everywhere are interested in governance and are finding it very difficult to get consulting support.

Now, no matter where you live, all you need is an internet connection to get user-friendly governance consulting.

Follow these links to the three books written for three specific types of boards.  You may order a copy of any of the eBooks for yourself or get a very special price on multiple copies for your whole board.

For faith-based boards – Go to Governance Matters – Governance, Leadership, and Management for Faith-based Boards.

For values-based boards – Go to Not-for-Profit Governance Matters – Governance, Leadership, and Management for Values-based Boards.

For churches – Church Governance Matters – Governance, Leadership, and Management for Churches.

Soon you will also be able to have me visit your board electronically for a live, interactive training session.  Stay tuned to learn how to do that.  In the meantime, let me hear from you how I can support your board and your personal leadership.  I’m right beside you electronically!

Les Stahlke