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Board Governance eBook
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eBooks are the only way to go!

No, they aren’t! I want to hold a paper book in my hands!

There seems to be a lot of passion around books.  From the first Middle Eastern codices to the printed books on Gutenberg’s movable type press, the paper book has a long and highly valued history.  Now the digital electronic age has ushered in a whole new concept in libraries.

For a guy like me who travels the world almost non-stop, eBooks could not have come later.  I almost never take a paper book with me, but I have more than fifty on my Kindle Fire, and many more available from Amazon and other sources.

Now Inc. has embraced the eBook.  All three of the books I have written on governance of faith-based organizations, values-based organizations, and churches are now available on this site in eBook format.

There are a number of advantages.

You may carry this weightless tome while traveling without ever having to remember to pack it.

You may purchase it without any cost or delay in shipping.  It arrives instantly.

You may place a multiple order at one price for your entire board or staff.

The eBooks are in pdf format for easy reading on any device. You may also purchase all three books on Amazon in Kindle format (the first book is currently available and the other two will be available soon).

This is an important part of my being able to be the governance guru to the world.  The next step I am planning is to develop a library of videos for you to rent to help your board and senior managers use the Relationship Model™ of governance, leadership and management in your organization or church.

Let me know what subjects you would like me to discuss in a 10 to 15-minute video that you can share at a board or staff meeting.  Then watch for them to rent from this site.

Remember, too, that I ‘m always available on email to comment on your thoughts and plans and to answer questions you have about governance in your organization or church.

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