Board Governance Manual Table of Contents

GS Governance Structure

GS 1 Roles

GS 1.1 Role of the Board

GS 1.2 Role of the Committees

GS 1.3 Role of the Chair, Vice-chair

GS 1.4 Role of the Individual Board Member

GS 2 Relationship Descriptions

GS 2.1 Board of Directors/Stakeholders

GS 2.2 Finance and Audit Committee/Board

GS 2.3 Board Chair/Board

GS 2.4 Vice-chair/Board

GS 2.5 Secretary/Board

GS 2.6 Committee Chair/Board

GS 2.7 Board Director/Board

GP Governance Processes

GP1 Board Processes

GP1 1 Election of Directors, Chair, Vice-chair, Secretary

GP1 2 Election of Committee Chairs

GP1 3 Removal of Elected Officers

GP1 4 Board Meetings

GP1 5 Board Meeting Preparation

GP1 6 Quorum

GP1 7 Meeting Procedures

GP1 8 Extraordinary Board Meetings

GP1 9 Consensus and Voting

GP1 10 Conflict Resolution

GP1 11 Governance Manual Reviews

GP1 12 Expenses

GP1 13 Minutes, Recording, Distribution

GP1 14 Staff and Guest Attendance

GP1 15 Communication with Staff

GP2 Strategic Planning Process

GP2 1 Historical Context

GP2 2 Values

GP2 3 Target Groups

GP2 4 Services

GP2 5 Places

GP2 6 Vision

GP2 7 Mission

GP2 8 Priorities

GP2 9 Strategic Goals

GP2 10 Critical Success Factors

GP3 Delegating Authority to the CEO

GP3 1 Relationship Description, CEO

GP3 2 CEO Limitations/Expectations

GP3 2.1 Tactical and Financial Planning

GP3 2.2 Financial Condition – Operational Funds

GP3 2.3 Asset Protection

GP3 2.4 Capital Expenditures

GP3 2.5 Restricted or Donor-designated Funds

GP3 2.6 Operation of Bank Accounts

GP3 2.7 Stakeholder Treatment

GP3 2.8 Board Governance Support

GP4 Monitoring and Measuring

GP4 1 Monitoring Risk Management

GP4 2 Monitoring CEO Limitations/Expectations

GP4 3 Monitoring Schedule

GP4 4 Measuring Strategic Results

GP4 4.1 Indicators of Results

GP4 4.2 Measuring Process

GP4 5 Annual Relationship Reviews

GP4 5.1 Board Review

GP4 5.2 Chair, Vice-chair, Secretary Reviews

GP4 5.3 Committee Reviews

GP4 5.4 Committee Chair Review

GP4 5.5 Board Director Review

GP4 5.6 CEO Review

GP4 6 Accountability to Civil Authorities

GP4 7 Accountability to Members

GP4 8 Accountability to Other Stakeholders

Appendix A Introduction to the Relationship Model™

Appendix B Definitions of Terms

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