Les Stahlke - Relationship Model Founder, President and CEO
Les Stahlke

Les Stahlke

E-mail: les.stahlke at gmail dot com
11208 – 70 Ave NW
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
T6H 2H1
Tel 780-433-9839
Fax 780-433-9657

Our Founder, President and CEO, and the author of the Relationship Model is Les Stahlke, a Canadian with international experience in governance, leadership and management.

He has over thirty-five years of experience in leadership of not-for-profit organizations in Canada, including membership on numerous volunteer boards. Based on years of experience and research, he developed the Relationship Model while serving as Chief Executive Officer of Mission Aviation Fellowship – Europe. During those four years he traveled extensively in Europe, Africa, Asia and North America.
He is available for consultation worldwide.


Ernest Kennedy
Ernest Kennedy

Ernest Kennedy

E-mail: e.m.kennedy at rogers dot com
#6, 165 Chandos Drive
Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
N1A 4H8
Tel 519-748-1175

Ernest Kennedy is a governance consultant licensed in the Relationship Model with an office in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.  He is available for assistance with goverenance and strategic planning for faith-based and values-based not-for-profit organizations as well as churches.  He is available for consultation anywhere in Canada and the United States.

Ernest has served as Senior Pastor in a number of Canadian churches including Forward Baptist, Cambridge, Ontario, for 20 years, Central Baptist, Victoria, BC, for 14 years, and Fellowship Baptist, Cobourg, Ontario for 5 years. Before retiring from full time senior pastoral ministry Ernest trained with Inc. in order to bring his extensive experience in church ministry for the benefit of others. His desire is to help other not-for-profit organizations grow their ministries through servant leadership as developed by Les Stahlke in Governance Matters – the Relationship Model.

Ernest is at the present time serving as interim pastor as well as serving as a consultant with Governance Inc.

He would be delighted to speak to you or your board regarding the benefits of a Governance Board for your organization.

Ernest has been married to Myrlene for 45 years. They have three children and eleven grandchildren.



Kristen Corrigan
Kristen Corrigan

Kristen Corrigan

E-mail: kcgc at telus dot net
Tel 604-507-6785
Cell 604-308-4550

Kristen is currently a consultant specializing in the Relationship Model™ of Board Governance, leadership and management with her office in Montreal, Quebec. Kristen Corrigan is a bilingual consultant, working in English and French, who has had the pleasure of working with a wide variety of clients across Canada and the United States over the past 20 years. She has helped organizations become healthier through helping establish effective governance, influencing organizational redesign and equipping leaders. Recently her work has been focused on environments of higher education, church and Para-church organizations but she has many years of experience with clients such as telecommunications, forestry companies, transportation, banks, and First Nations. Kristen’s favourite role is that of a facilitator, helping people and organizations discover fresh perspectives about the challenges that face them.

She and her husband Garry moved to Montreal in January 2009 where they had spent most of their adult lives and now attend The Westside Gathering, a church plant in the West Island of Montreal. She is a member at large on the Executive Board of the Canadian Conference of Mennonite Brethren Churches and a delegate to the MCC Binational Board. They have two grown children who are both married.  Kristen and Garry are proud grandparents. Kristen loves to spend time with rediscovering the land of her birth (Quebec) and traveling with her husband.

Kristen would be delighted to explore with any church, para-church or not-for-profit organization how to achieve and maintain optimal organizational health. She (and Garry for longer trips) are willing to travel anywhere in the world to carry out the work she has been called to do.



Rob Enns
Rob Enns

Rob Enns

E-mail: enns.rob at gmail dot com
163 Westwood Drive S.W.
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
T3C 2W2
Home 1-403-686-2898
Fax 1-403-686-1165
Cell 1-403-614-8358

Rob Enns is passionate about enabling people to work together effectively in groups. Having lived most of his life in Canada (including with some First Nations communities), as well as for twelve years in Bangladesh, one year in Egypt, periodically in India and several times in Australia (where his wife, Helen, is from), Rob appreciates the importance of understanding and respecting the perspectives of each person you meet. He enjoys working with people and enabling them to come to the point of saying, “Now, we can effectively lead and run our organization to achieve what is important to us, for both the short-term and the long-haul.” He has done that on several continents in several languages.

Rob has a Masters degree in Development Economics and a Bachelor of Theology degree. He has monitored, evaluated, trained and worked within both small and large organizations in rural and urban settings. He has worked in churches, Christian organizations, secular organizations, government programs, consulting groups and a wide range of community programs. This experience emphasizes the importance of enabling people to address legal and economic requirements, while also freeing their creativity and enthusiasm.

Therefore, Rob welcomes opportunities to work with any groups of people who want their organization to benefit from good governance, participatory leadership, strategic planning and enthusiastic teamwork. The Relationship Model of Governance enables people to work together in mutually beneficial ways, for the long-term health of their organization and the causes which they support. Rob Enns is available to enable people across Canada and elsewhere in the world to learn about the Relationship Model of Governance and to apply it to their organization.


Cindee Richardson

We would like to hire a consultant for a board retreat workshop that focuses on board governance. We would be looking at Sept or Oct preferably. We are located in Thunder Bay. Can you advise re availability and cost?
Thank you

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