Licensed Consultant Relationship Description

Licensed Consultant/Governance Inc. Relationship Description

Authority Inc. (GM) is the source of authority for each consultant it licences to provide consulting services using the Relationship Model™ (RM).  The licence shall be granted following successful completion of a conceptual and practical course of training at a price agreed between GM and the consultant.

GM authorizes the licensed consultant to:

  • Provide consulting services using the Relationship Model™
  • Select clients from the not-for-profit, church, private, public or corporate sectors
  • Set fees for services without restriction
  • Market his/her services within the province/state/country of his/her residence
  • Provide services anywhere in the world

GM shall provide the following benefits to each licensed consultant:

  • A licence in perpetuity to practice consulting using the Relationship Model™ subject to the requirements of maintaining currency in the RM
  • Support via email and phone
  • Wholesale prices for products and services offered on   (retail less 40%)
  • Introduction of each consultant on a personal web page on
  • Referral of prospective clients within geographical area

Limitations of Authority

Licensed RM consultants may not:

  • Add, delete or modify components of the Relationship Model™ that would invalidate the Ten Principles of the RM
  • Distribute products produced by GM without informing and compensating  GM according to the terms of this agreement
  • Violate copyrights or trademarks of GM or make use of them without a current license


The responsibility of licensed RM consultants is to:

  • Provide products and services in the Relationship Model™ to clients in the areas of governance, leadership, management and service delivery

Expectations of Responsibility

The expectations of the licensed RM consultant are to:

  • Maintain license currency by providing governance services to one organization per quarter (four per year) resulting in granting a license to the client’s board to govern using the RM
  • Offer the RM as an option to all prospective clients
  • Set consulting fees in relation to comparable market prices
  • Notify GM of each sale of products and/or services
  • Forward payment of products and services within thirty (30) days of the sale of such products and services to the licensed consultant or client
  • Work within the limitations of this licensing agreement


Accountability in this relationship is mutual.

GM is accountable to the licensed consultant for:

  • Abiding by the terms of this relationship description
  • Notifying the licensed consultant on the anniversary of the license of the continuation or cancellation of the license according to the terms of this agreement

The licensed consultant is accountable to GM for:

  • Abiding by the terms of this relationship description
  • Discontinuing the sale of products and services of GM following the cancellation of this licensing relationship

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